Where Debug.WriteLine appear


Supported versions

VS2019 Visual Studio 2022 support
VS2019 Visual Studio 2019 support
VS2017 Visual Studio 2017 support
VS2015 Visual Studio 2015 support
VS2013 Visual Studio 2013 support
VS2012 Visual Studio 2012 support
VS2010 Visual Studio 2010 support
VS2008 Visual Studio 2008 support
VS2005 Visual Studio 2005 support
VS.NET 2003 Visual Studio 2003 support
VS.NET 2002 Visual Studio (2002) support

Here is the location that Debug.WriteLine and Debug.Print output to by C#/VB.

It's Debug output in the Output window.


If the Debug output doesn't appear, you can turn it on by dropdown list.


If the output window doesn't appear, you can turn it on by [Debug] - [Windows] - [Output] menu.

In case of older version (about before VS2010), maybe [View] - [Other windows] - [output] menu.


If they don't appear, please check that you run your program with "Debug" mode.


There are cases that they will appear other places when you use trace listeners. Trace listeners will be set up each projects.



Console.WriteLine や Debug.WriteLineはどこに出力されるか?